Lenny Kravitz Talks Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa in Men’s Room Health

Back in August, a tweet by Lenny Kravitz moved viral. It had been a love with black-and-white photo of him with Jason Momoa, his ex-wife’s existing spouse, desiring Momoa a pleasurable birthday celebration.

Rachel Schneider
retweeted the picture
together with the caption “if every day life is a casino game Lisa Bonet has won,” and it also also went viral. And indeed, the sentiment cannot become more correct: Bonet’s present husband, Momoa, is, as we’ve observed often within Cut, one of
the actual only real types worth having
. Together with enormous, treelike create and well-rounded fictional character, he is the sort of man who are able to put an ax and bake a cake.

At the same time, the woman ex is actually Kravitz, an exact rock star whom not just embodies a totally various many male hotness than Momoa but in addition obviously becomes along with him beautifully. We were reminded of all of the of this nowadays when Kravitz covered

Men’s Room Health

wearing just great abs and bell-bottoms (yes, from the beach, but somehow it truly does work).


Men’s Room Wellness,

therefore a lot of the story is about Kravitz’s exercise routine, involving lifting weights making use of a coconut forest as a table and consuming food generally from his yard. But he also answered Bonet and Momoa:

People can not believe how tight Jason and I are, or exactly how tight I nevertheless are with Zoë’s mom, exactly how we all relate … You allow really love guideline, appropriate? I am talking about, demonstrably, after a breakup, it really is work — it will require some work and time, recovery and expression, etc. But as much as Jason and I? virtually the moment we found, we had been like, ‘Oh, yeah. I love this dude.’

Incredible. I’d similar to to take this possibility to say: Congratulations, Lisa Bonet, for the impressive taste in men.

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