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Our endeavour aims to bridge the gap between financial resources and the weaker sections of the society. We help banks and other credit lenders to form a risk free loan portfolio. Our presence in the field and Artificial intelligence tools enable us to assist our customers, who include both borrowers and lenders such as banks and other financial institutions, in smoothing the financial inclusion process. We want credit to be used to create assets rather than liabilities

  • Lower Costs and Increase Efficiency
  • Realize the full potential of Information Technology

We Raise Bar Of Clients Portfolio

Businesses from all industry verticals can effortlessly choose us as their intelligent automation company for bespoke and robust robotic automation process-based solutions and services.

Greater Productivity

Automation can help you complete tasks up to 5 times faster and increase accuracy. while eliminating manual intervention.

Increased Employee Morale

Avoid business-impacting issues & elevate employees to high-priority, innovative work by automating repetitive tasks.

24x7 Operational Support

Organizational effectiveness is a concept organizations use to gauge how effective they are at reaching intended outcomes.[1] Organizational effectiveness embodies the degree to which firms achieve the goals they have decided upon, a question that draws on several different factors

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You can bank on us for all your automation needs, we have received applauds globally for efficient services.


We use encrypted passwords, unique IDs, & privileged access rules to make every solution extremely safe and secure.

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“We provide fintech software development services to optimize financial practices to provide operational efficiency, data security, reduce processing time, & maximize ROI. Our data-driven Banking & financial solutions offer in-depth Insights to Help You make better business-critical decisions”

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Sudhanshu Sharma

Chairman - Aarohiinfo Group

Anil Kulkarni

Managing Director-AFIML

Jeevan Joshi

Executive Director

Dilip Pawar

Executive Director - AFIML

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